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We use game engines to develop flexible solutions for prototyping, marketing, sales and public relations.
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Our Services

It is our craft to use game engines such as Unity3D to create interactive software products. We use our knowledge in user interface design, system design and the iterative creative process to deliver individual solutions to our customers!

The AR and VR implementations for Unity enable us to create applications with this new technology while leaning on the research & development hundreds of Unity’s employees have invested over many years.


Having interactive prototypes for new products can speed up the design process! Automotive companies are already relying on games technology to build tools which satisfy these requirements.


Augmented reality and virtual reality applications can help to visualize your product for b2b customers and make your booth stand out at conventions.

Marketing & PR

An interactive visualization can be an excellent way to showcase your product in a flexible way. See our demo (chrome, firefox on a desktop PC) to get a simple example of what is possible.

Our Games

Emergence in games occurs when the rules of the game system define both the challenges and the tools players can use to solve these challenges—without pre-defining solutions. (Walk et al. 2017)

Games are our passion. We believe that creating great games means creating emergent systems which allow the player to express creativity. This includes serious games and games for learning. We lean on our education and experience to design fun and interactive systems.

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We developed Fireside for the first Stay Safe Jam 2020 together with Linus Gärtig (Art) and Matthias Meeh (Music). It is a game which focuses on the calm evenings of a long journey. You can play it at https://linusgaertig.itch.io/fireside

In Fireside the player must manage resources to navigate a harsh journey. They face unforseen events which consume their resources or lets them find unexpected assets. After a long day’s journey they sit down at the fireside where friends and strangers may join them to talk, trade or argue.

French People and the Mafia

In French People and the Mafia the player takes the role of a mafia boss setteling a dispute over a board game at a poker table.

Players take turns moving figurines over a hexagonal grid, capturing territory by moving a figurine on to a point of interest. Points of interest generate resources and allow the player to buy new figurines. Each figurine is assigned a power value which determines who wins should two figurines of opposing players try to occupy the same tile. The power value is increased by the amount of allied neighbours (gang bonus). In this way the player must use space and movement efficiently.

Green Urban Climbing

Green Urban Climbing is a game which we developed for the Bavarian state office of viniculture and gardening. They exhibited it at “Grüne Woche” (gardening conference) in Berlin and will use it at Landes Garten Schau 2020 in Ingolstadt.

In Green Urban Climbing the player must tap fruit and circle insects on a 24 inch touch screen while the camera scrolls up the face of a building. The game showcases the diversity of urban flora and fauna and motivates the player by assigning a score according to the amount of fruit haversted.

The Team


Paul Redetzky

Paul manages sales and business development for Emergo Entertainment. He’s got several years experience as a Unity3D developer.

He has previously worked in the startup White Pony GbR designing and implementing the prototype for the augmented reality game “Eosis: Raiders of Dawn” and released the mobile game Reblob.

Lisa Zumblick

Lisa’s main role in Emergo Entertainment is 2D Art and UI. She’s proficient with both Unity and Unreal as well as game design and prop making.

She’s previously worked at Siemens and Primetals as an intern and working student for user interface design and development. As well as an intern at Computec writing and editing articles.

Carl-Philipp Hellmuth

CP is Emergo Entertainment’s CTO and game designer. His skillset includes Unity3D, web development and 3D technical art.

CP has previously worked for Handy Games as an intern for game and level design and at Softec AG as a working student & developer.

Our Journey so Far

April 2020

We start development on our Game Project Fireside.

January 2020

After finalizing Green Urban Climbing Lisa, CP and Paul decide to continue Emergo Entertainment as service provider to help the local industry profit from game engine technology and gameful design thinking.

For more information download our pitchdeck!

June 2019

Ivi leaves the team after finishing our final project for university. Shortly after, Lisa joins as our new artist.

October 2018

Ivi, Paul and CP get back together to start their next project “Network” as final project for university. This was a turn based online multiplayer game for smartphones.

Summer 2018

We continue our studies and pause project Emergo Entertainment. Tobi stops pursuing his masters degree leaves the team to work at German developer CipSoft.

January 2018

Four game studies students from Bayreuth University (CP, Ivi, Tobi and Paul) set out build a prototype for Quo Vadis 2018. Paul gave a talk about the project at Indie Outpost in Nuernberg (Video, German w/ English subtitles).

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