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We are a games studio that believes that the technology and know-how from computer game development can be used for more than entertainment. With our know-how we develop not only computer games but also interactive visualizations, augmented reality applications and serious games.


Having interactive prototypes for new products can speed up the design process! Automotive companies are already relying on games technology to build tools which satisfy these requirements.


Augmented reality and virtual reality applications can help to visualize your product for b2b customers and make your booth stand out at conventions.

Marketing & PR

An interactive visualization can be an excellent way to showcase your product in a flexible way. See a demo and more in our showroom!

The Team

Carl-Philipp Hellmuth

CP is Emergo Entertainment’s CTO and game designer. His skillset includes Unity3D, web development and 3D technical art.

CP has previously worked for Handy Games as an intern for game and level design and at Softec AG as a working student & developer.

Paul Redetzky

Paul manages sales and business development for Emergo Entertainment. He’s got several years experience as a Unity3D developer.

He has previously worked in the startup White Pony GbR designing and implementing the prototype for the augmented reality game “Eosis: Raiders of Dawn” and released the mobile game Reblob.


Upper Franconia Innovation Summit

A digital event that transfers the real trade show experience into the digital space.

Product Visualization "Toledo"

A product visualization and configurator for RZB Lighting GmbH from Bamberg.


An in-house project: A wholesome game about the breaks on a journey sponsored by FFF Bayern.

Motion tracking based conducting experience

Master's thesis on the design of a conducting experience in terms of immersion and quality of the experience.

Skill Testing Minigames

Prototypes for testing the skills of eSports athletes for the eSports Player Foundation.


A prototype for an asynchronously playable multiplayer game.

Green Urban Climbing

A serious game on the subject of facade greening for the Bavarian State Office for Viticulture and Gardening.

SmARt PlaS

A research project about interaction with and presentation of data in augmented reality

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