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Using interactive 3D to visualize your product has many inherent advantages! You can rotate the object freely and use animations to showcase your product’s functionality from any angle. Interactive 3D visualizations are ideal as a basis for individual conversations with your customers.


Having interactive prototypes for new products can speed up the design process! Automotive companies are already relying on games technology to build tools which satisfy these requirements.


Augmented reality and virtual reality applications can help to visualize your product for b2b customers and make your booth stand out at conventions.

Marketing & PR

An interactive visualization can be an excellent way to showcase your product in a flexible way. See a demo and more in our showroom!

The Team

Carl-Philipp Hellmuth

CP is Emergo Entertainment’s CTO and game designer. His skillset includes Unity3D, web development and 3D technical art.

CP has previously worked for Handy Games as an intern for game and level design and at Softec AG as a working student & developer.

Paul Redetzky

Paul manages sales and business development for Emergo Entertainment. He’s got several years experience as a Unity3D developer.

He has previously worked in the startup White Pony GbR designing and implementing the prototype for the augmented reality game “Eosis: Raiders of Dawn” and released the mobile game Reblob.

Partners & Customers

Our Journey so Far

November 2020

After finishing their studies Lisa leaves the core team. However, she continues to work with Emergo Entertainment as a freelancer. Emergo focuses its efforts on providing interactive 3d models for a sales context.

April 2020

We start development on our game project Fireside.

January 2020

After finalizing Green Urban Climbing Lisa, CP and Paul decide to continue Emergo Entertainment as service provider to help the local industry profit from game engine technology and gameful design thinking.

For more information download our pitchdeck!

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